We focus on plastic products manufacturing. Our engineers are very familiar with how to produce the plastic products efficiently and know about the international grades and standards on plastic molding, they has been working in exporting area for almost a decade so far.

Yitrade Manufacturing Group is a small precision injection molding manufacturer with more than ten years of production experience. We are not eager to expand and take every order seriously. Whether it is a large-volume order or a small-volume production, we supply the best quality products. We invest most of our profits in quality improvement to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.

Compared with many other plastic manufacture, we provide a broader and more comprehensive services based on our many years of project management experience. So we are more stable, more reliable, and have less resource constraints. We don't just consult or broker deals, we are heavy in execution and guarantee quality.

1.Customer is the first: all we design or produced are based on customer’s request or customer cosigned

2.Lower cost or quotation. We promised what we quote to customer must be more lower than the price from other company.

3.Foreign language is a must to our engineer. We require our engineer serviced for customer must be fluent in English.

4.Sufficient manufacturing capacity. We have 10 sets of injection machine, scale from 50t to 1000t. thus to ensure in spite of small parts or large one, we all can provide to customer.

5.One-station service: we not only provide the correct products to customer, also we can provide package and transportation solution.

6.Reliability. We can promise to our customer visit our factory in any times to confirm the capacity and ability.