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Custom Rubber Injection Molding Brush


This product is a custom Rubber injection molding product order from Korea.This is a bath product.The use of non-toxic and odorless natural rubber, the production process does not need pollution and impurities.

For injection molding production, it is difficult to achieve pollution-free control, because industrial production requires a variety of lubricants and cleaning agents, the metal mold itself material requirements are also very high.

Mulan manufacturing group has 18 years of experience in the production of injection molding products. We are strict with our own production process, from the purchase, production, assembly, packaging and storage of raw materials.All processes must be strictly controlled.And achieve traceability.Customized high quality molds and surface treatment of raw materials to achieve high transparency required by customers.The products are produced by our company’s injection molding factory, and delivered to the customer within the contract delivery period, and the customer is satisfied.

It takes 90 days to produce a million units. Mulan manufacturing group has an independent rubber food injection workshop, can be customized for customers exclusive production line. Mulan manufacturing group obtained iso9001-2015, SGS, RoHs and other internationally recognized qualifications.

If you are looking for a supplier of edible grade injection molding products, you are the best choice.

Send us all your requirements and design plans and we will provide you with the best consulting services within 24 hours.


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